Wine Metal Tumbler

Place your custom orders now! 

Orders can consist of glitter or marble designs and can be up to 3 colors. Please free type colors below. 

If order is unable to be made due to current supply of product (colors of glitters or dyes in stock), or will be a delay, email will be sent, and either delay time must be accepted or refund can be issued. 

Want to add a decal of a name to it as well?? Go to tumbler home page and click add ons and a space to specify what you are wanting will appear. Add ons are $7. 

Saw a design somewhere you like and want it made, email an image and you will get a reply of ability to produce your order. 


If you are ordering multiple tumblers and some have decals and some don't or specifics go with a specific color, pleasse specify in the free type area which goes with which. 


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