Logo Sports Team Colors Marbled Tumbler

Logo Sports Team Colors Marbled Tumbler

Sports team colored stainless steel insulated tumbler with lid. 

Must list what sports team you would like the colors of done. 

Exact team colors may vary slightly based on ink color and marble mixing. 

Coated in epoxy. 

Logo will be applied under epoxy, and size may vary based on logo. 


All tumblers are hand made and the actual exact look of each tumbler varies each time. same colors will be used, but marbling look can vary tumbler to tumbler. 



  • Returns/Cancellations

    Once item has shipped, no cancellations are possible. If you need to cancel or modify a purchase it must be prior to shipping. Please email for cancel or modification requests. 

    All items are packed well to ensure safe shipping. However, if you get a box that appears damaged, and you are worried about the product inside,  please photograph the box BEFORE opening and removing product. If product is damaged, but there is no proof that it was done during shipping, no refund or replacement will be made. 

    If when you received the product, it was the wrong product, please contact Jellyfish Designs for exchange information. 

    Any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email Jellyfish Designs. 

  • Timing on Shipping

    Please note all tumblers are hand made upon order, and produciton to shipping time can vary 1-3 weeks once order has been placed. Any further delay past 3 weeks Jellyfish Designs will reach out to you with an update. You WILL get a shipping confirmation with tracking number once your order has shipped. 

  • Quality Control


    Note: All Tumblers are hand made to order, and the exact look of each tumbler can vary slightly and some slight imperfections may be noted in the tumbler. This is never intended, but it must be noted that it can occur as each tumbler is hand made, and nothing is massed produced or made by a machine. Tumblers are quality checked prior to shipping. 

    By placing an order, you agree to the terms of accepting this fact, and returns for imperfections will not be accepted. For what items are accepted for returns, please see cancellation and returns.